30 days to ride across Australia's remote outback between Port Augusta, Birdsville and Karumba.

2023 - open for registrations



18 April to 22 May 2023 (to be confirmed)


17 June to 19 July 2023 (confirmed)

Dates include transfers at both ends

Join one of Australia's great bike challenges, tracing a trail Gulf-to-Gulf across the heart of our amazing continent.

These ancient lands reflect the heritage of Australia's First Peoples who lived out there admirably well - and the courage, tragedies and successes of European explorers like the famed but unfortunate Burke and Wills - and the settlers who forged their existence in what was, for them, a land of unforgiving remoteness. 

The ride can be considered to have 4 stages, each about one week: 

Week One explores the majestic Flinders Ranges to reach the desert railhead of Marree.
Week Two traverses the legendary Birdsville Track.
Week Three rolls across Queensland's vast Channel Country to Mt Isa.
Week Four rides the Gulf Country to Normanton and Karumba.

The most recent rides took place in May-June and June-July 2022 with 20-24 riders. Ages ranged from 30s to 70s with the median age in the early-60s! 

Outbike's launched the G2G with the first event in 2005.

Map of the ride from Port Augusta to Karumba

To express interest, seek further information or book

Contact OUTBIKE:  Email  or message/call Ralph 0406 440418

To download 2023 registration forms:


Riders transfer from Adelaide (or Cairns) on our bus.

In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2016 and 2019, riders set forth from SA's Port Augusta to ride 2240kms to eventually reach Karumba, Queensland - crossing the continent on the way. In 2022, we went both ways with up to 24 riders. 

For 2023, we're planning again to ride both ways.

Maximum 25 riders (minimum 15). We will 'overbook' to 27-28 riders to allow for withdrawals.
Staff of 3 to 4 plus helpers to give a high level of service together with 3 or 4 support vehicles.

You need to be ready to cycle days of 80km on dirt roads (dirt is about 600km, most of this is the Birdsville Track) of varying surfaces! On the sealed roads (altogether 1600km), the longest days are 100-120km. About 400km has been sealed since 2005.

Ride includes 32/33 nights camping (11 at bush sites), daily hearty breakfasts, lunches on ride days, dinners on remote camping nights plus Wilpena and Angorichina (local pubs the rest at own cost), extensive rider support and transfers on our bus from/to Adelaide and Cairns.

Participation per rider in 2023 is $7000 (same as 2022). 
Half rides of 15 days (either end to or from Birdsville) are $3600.

We've talked on the rides about ideas for faster and slower versions of this event to suit different rider abilities - but the 30 days seems to work well and gives us some flexibility for weather events that we can't predict.

In 2016, 60mm of rain hit Birdsville after we arrived and isolated us for 4 days. We were glad to be in town though and not trapped down the track! Back on the road, some 100km days became 150km or even 200km and many riders still made it the whole way.

In 2019, floodwaters from summer monsoon rains in NW Qld closed the upper part of the Birdsville Track (4 days of the ride) from Feb to Jun. It didn't reopen in time for us so we bused back from Mungerannie to Lyndhurst and detoured, driving via the Strzelecki Track and Innamincka to Birdsville. This slow, rough and dusty bus trip took 5 days (over 1000km) but the ride was back on schedule.

In 2022 the Birdsville Track had been closed but opened in time as the Northbound ride approached. Then upon leaving Birdsville, new floodwater closed their bridge behind us same day, not to reopen until a week into the Southbound ride. 

More detailed information is with the downloadable registration form. The 2023 Ride Guide will be available to entrants and on request in late 2022.


"It's something I’ve dreamt about for many years, actually I never thought I’d be on the Birdsville track, and here I am on a bicycle, and we’re only about 80 kilometres from Birdsville now, and its been absolutely marvellous, its been difficult, hard, the flies have made it worse of course, and the sand and the dust". 

Helmut Gebels speaking to ABC Radio, Birdsville Track Inside Route, May 2005

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