A second ride in 2022 is to run southbound, depart 11 June from Cairns and start riding 14 June from Karumba.  Arrive Port Augusta 13 July with transfer on to Adelaide the same day.  The programme is available on request.

All nights are camping. Upgrades can be arranged at many locations but we suggest you do this on the ride on the day, or in the days before. This is a long, tough ride and we encourage everyone to be in a mindset for a month of camping.

We are not offering an advance bookable set of accommodations.

Days ending at bush camps have flexible distances. If conditions on these days are favorable, distances may be extended by up to 20 km. For example, a helpful tailwind. 

Prior - 4th May. Adelaide to Port Augusta on our mini-coach. Hotel bag pick ups from 0800. Loading of bikes beside Central Bus Station 0900. 

1. 5th May. Port Augusta to Quorn. 40 km sealed. Climb picturesque Pichi Richi Pass. Quorn is full of history and is base for the Pichi Richi Railway. (L)

2. 6th May. Quorn to Hawker. 65 km sealed. Gentle grades among extensive Flinders Ranges mountain landscapes. We've adjusted from earlier G2Gs to make days 2+3 easier - or enable riding the gravel via the Mawson trail and/or Buckaringa Gorge (we used to do 120km to Wilpena in one day). (BL)

3. 7th May. Hawker to Wilpena 55km sealed. Gentle height gain and the scenery becomes increasingly mountainous. Take a hike in the afternoon or an extra ride out on the Mawson Trail. (BLD)

4. 8th May. Wilpena to Angorichina Village. 80 km including 65 km sealed. Mountain scenery. Some climbs. Take care on steep dirt descents after Blinman. (BLD)

5. 9th May. Angorichina to Copley. 85 km including option of 35 km gravel via Beltana 'ghost town'. Staying on the sealed Outback Highway is 2 km longer but easier. Leigh Creek is almost abandoned coal mining 'suburb' and the last 'supermarket' for over 2 weeks to Mt Isa. (BL)

6. 10th May. Copley to Marree. 115 km all sealed. Entering desert country. Lyndhurst is morning tea stop and has a pub and roadhouse. See the Aboriginal ochre pits and Farina township ruins, adding about 3 km extra. Mostly flat. (BL)

7. 11th May. Marree rest day. Explore the town, railway station, yacht club, cultural centre. Possible Lake Eyre flights and 4wd tours. (B)

8. 12th May. Marree to Clayton Station. 55 km dirt. Commence the Birdsville Track. Some small rises to keep views changing and interesting. Ruins of date palm plantation. Spa tub at end of day beside the Track, outside of the turn off to Clayton Station! (BLD)

9. 13th May. Clayton to Cooper Creek bush camp. 85 km dirt. Settle in to a longer second day riding the Bridsville Track! (BLD)

10. 14th May. Cooper Creek to Mungerannie 66 km dirt. An easier day. Arrive early afternoon to enjoy this remote oasis. (BL)

11. 15th May. Rest day at Mungerannie. Enjoy the warm lake (was dry in 2019), shady trees and roadhouse hospitality and bar. (BL)

12. 16th May. Mungerannie to bush camp. 80-90 km dirt. Undulating desert country with occasional points to look at. (BLD)

13. 17th May. Bush camp to bush camp. 80-90 km dirt. (BLD)

14. 18th May. Bush camp to bush camp. 80-90 km dirt. (BLD)

15. 19th May. Bush camp to Birdsville. 50-75 km dirt. Some sandy parches today will entertain those with narrower tyres. We'll aim for a late morning or early afternoon arrival. (BL)

16. 20th May. Rest day at Birdsville. Relax, stroll about the iconic town. Hop on the bus out to Big Red sand dune at the edge of the Simpson Desert. Enjoy the bakery and pub. (B)

17. 21st May. Birdsville to bush camp. 100-120 km and possibly all sealed by 2022. Undulating and flat Channel Country. (BLD)

18. 22nd May. Bush camp to Bedourie. 70-90 km mostly sealed. Undulating and flat Channel Country. We've read that only 30 km will remain gravel as of mid 2022. Arrive with time to enjoy the artesian pools. (BL)

19. 23rd May. Bedourie to bush camp. 100-120 km sealed. Undulating and flat Channel Country. (BLD)

20. 24th May. Bush camp to Boulia. 70-90 km sealed. Undulating and flat Channel Country. (BL)

21. 25th May. Boulia to bush camp. 100-120 km sealed. Country becoming greener and more shapely. (BLD)

22. 26th May. Bush camp to bush camp. 100-120 km sealed. Village of Dajarra has a friendly store. Country greener and hillier. (BLD) 

23. 27th May. Bush camp to Mt Isa. 60-100 km sealed. Morning ride through mountain scenery into Mt Isa city. Gentle grades. (BL)

24. 28th May. Rest day in Mt Isa. See the Isa, consider an underground mine tour. (B)

25. 29th May. Mt Isa to Cloncurry. 120 km sealed. A fast run on the highway shoulder. Hills, curves and gentle grades. We're now doing this on a Sunday and there is the choice of the train! (BL)

26. 30th May. Cloncurry to Terry Smith rest area. 80 km sealed. Mostly flat, scrubby grazing country. Have a look at Cloncurry's sights before riding out. (BLD)

27. 31st May. Bush camp to Burke & Wills Roadhouse. 100 km. Mostly flat, scrubby grazing country. (BL)

28. 1st June. Burke & Wills Roadhouse to Bang Bang rest area. 95 km. Mostly flat, scrubby grazing country. (BLD)

29. 2nd June. Bang Bang to Normanton. 112 km. Mostly flat, scrubby grazing country. Becoming more tropical. Squeeze in an afternoon ride on the Gulflander train. (BL)

30. 3rd June. Normanton to Karumba. 70 km. Flat riding across Gulf Country. You'll be pleased to see the sea shore - the finish line in time for lunch which could be fresh fish 'n chips! (BL)

31. 4th June. Rest day in Karumba. REALLY RELAX!! Take a cruise up the river (own cost). (B)

32-33. 5-6th June. Transfer to Cairns by our bus is included, travelling via Croydon, Undarra Lava Tubes and Atherton Tableland. This is a 2 day trip to allow some sightseeing. Approx 750 km. Lunches and dinners are extra. (B)

34-35. 7-8th June. Option to travel 2 days on the Savannahlander rail motor from Forsayth to Cairns.

B - breakfast, L - lunch, D - dinner

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